Share – Collaborate – Play and Create to Improve Your Community. You aren’t expected to be a designer or have any artistic skills; just a willingness to try stuff and do things with the support of others.

If you are a person living with dementia and want to be proactive in informing, influencing and changing local communities or environments, through design explorations and working with young people, then please apply now.

If you are between the ages of 13 and 25 and would like to explore your design and creativity through collaborations that identify issues or opportunities for design solutions, please apply to take part now.

If you have a perfect project opportunity in mind, please get in touch. The project aims to produce designs that respond to discovered opportunities, however, if any group or individual had a particular issue or opportunity in mind, we would be happy to explore how it might fit in to our intergenerational activities.

If you would like to take part please contact Euan Winton by email: